Transfer students Prepare for your orientation program

Review your Transfer Credit Report

Your Transfer Credit Report details how the credit you've earned at other institutions transferred to Ohio State. Review your report carefully: You may have credits that need further evaluation before your orientation program. The report will also help you determine if you need to take any placement exams.

Generate report

Plan for required placement exams

If you plan to request accommodations for a placement exam, do so at least three days before you take the test. Typical accommodations include extended time, alternative exam formats, readers and scribes. This request is separate from the registration process for accommodations during the academic year.

Math placement exam

Generally, unless you already have college credit for a specific Ohio State math course (through college course work, Advanced Placement testing or International Baccalaureate higher-level exams), you must take the online math placement exam at least two days before your orientation date. Check the requirements.

Your results on the math placement exam will determine both your starting place in Ohio State’s math sequence and your eligibility for several science courses. You cannot retake the exam, so prepare accordingly; we recommend reviewing sample problems and exam topics before taking the exam.

English and foreign language placement exams

If you're required to take an English or foreign language placement exam, you must do so online at least two days before your orientation program.

Request disability accommodations

Accommodations and services are available for students and participating family members through Disability Services during orientation. You should request accommodations in advance of your orientation program. Documentation may be required.

Request accommodations

For accommodations during the academic year, you must complete a separate registration process. If you have questions, contact Disability Services.

Request technology accommodations

Online orientation will require a computer with an internet connection. If you have concerns about your ability to access orientation online, let us know as soon as possible (and at least two weeks before your program).

Request accommodations

Concerns might include:

  • Signal strength for extended durations
  • Access to an adequate device
  • Access to a conducive space

Request college transcripts

If your college transcripts have not already been sent to Undergraduate Admissions, ask each institution you attended to send an electronic transcript to Ohio State as soon as possible.

Find instructions for sending transcripts to Ohio State at

Check your BuckeyeMail account

BuckeyeMail, your university email account, is where Ohio State will send official correspondence about grades, course schedules, financial aid, housing and more. It’s a good idea to check BuckeyeMail at least once a week until classes begin and then daily during the semester.

If you haven't already, activate your BuckeyeMail account now.

Complete your vaccination requirement

Students new to the Columbus campus and all students who will reside in university housing must meet the university’s vaccination requirements.

Student Health Services offers the required vaccines, and you can obtain your vaccinations while on campus for your orientation program. To schedule an appointment, contact Student Health Services at 614-292-4321 or

Complete required online training

You'll be required to complete online training that addresses stalking, abusive relationships and sexual violence on college campuses through an online module called U Got This! Information on accessing and completing the training will be sent to your university email address when the module is available. More information will also be available in your To Do List on Buckeye Link.

Prepare your questions

Orientation is your opportunity to learn almost everything you need to know to successfully get started at Ohio State. Jot down your questions to be sure you get the answers you need.