Directions and accommodations

First-year students entering autumn semester

Day one

Park in the St. John Arena parking lot

351 W. Lane Ave., Columbus, OH 43210 (approximate)

Check in at Drackett Tower

191 W. Lane Ave., Columbus, OH 43210

  • From the parking lot, walk east on Neil Avenue and follow the signs or plug Drackett Tower's address into the Ohio State mobile app or your map app of choice.

Day two

Park near your Day Two academic advising session

Since the start of your Day Two is based on which academic advising overview session you'll attend, you may opt to park closer to where that session will be! While you're still welcome to park in the surface parking lot at Lane and Tuttle, you may find these parking locations a bit closer.

A discounted bar code sticker was distributed at check-in for parking in parking garages (roughly $13, does not allow in-and-out privileges). You may instead choose to follow these instructions to purchase discounted surface lot tickets (roughly $10/day and allows in-and-out privileges).

Overnight accommodations

Reminder: Only students can stay overnight in the residence halls during orientation. Families and guests will not be able to stay in a residence hall.

If you're looking for accommodations, you'll find a number of nearby hotel options in the University Hospitality District, including the Blackwell — which is conveniently located on Ohio State's campus.