Transfer students Transfer credit

Once you've sent Ohio State official transcripts from the other institutions you've attended, we'll evaluate your course work and issue your Transfer Credit Report.

If you have questions about your Transfer Credit Report, contact Undergraduate Admissions at 614-292-3980.

Additional evaluation of credit

As much as possible, credit for courses you took elsewhere will be matched to an equivalent course at Ohio State. Sometimes, however, the transfer credit evaluator cannot identify an exact course equivalent for your credit.

In these instances, you may see credit on your Transfer Credit Report designated in one of these ways:

  • General (G000): General credit is awarded when there may be an equivalent course at Ohio State, but the Transfer Credit Evaluator could not make that determination.
  • Special (S000): Special credit is awarded when there is no specific course equivalent at Ohio State.
  • Technical (T000): Technical credit is awarded for technical course work with no specific course equivalent at Ohio State.

We recommend that you have any General credit evaluated further before your orientation program. Further evaluation of credit helps ensure you take courses for which you're well prepared and avoid retaking courses that you've completed elsewhere.

Major-specific recommendations

Requesting further evaluation

To request further evaluation of your General credit, you'll need to contact the appropriate Transfer Credit Coordinator for your program. Find a list of coordinators and additional instructions.


You can get an idea of how the credit you've earned at other institutions will transfer to Ohio State using Remember, however, that the credit evaluation Transferology provides is not official. You'll be able to see your Transfer Credit Report, the official record of how your previous course work transferred to Ohio State, after we receive your college transcripts.