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Transfer credit

Understanding your Transfer Credit Report

As a new student with transfer credit, you may be wondering exactly how your courses fit into your intended degree program, especially if those courses have not been evaluated as Ohio State equivalents.

It is recommended, and required for some majors, that you have necessary evaluations done prior to scheduling classes at orientation. Having this credit evaluated will allow you to take courses for which you are well prepared and will avoid duplicating courses that you have completed elsewhere. Here are some guidelines to assist you:

  • Look at your Transfer Credit Report and identify any General (courses numbered G000.xx) and/or Deferred credit (appearing in a separate section of the report).
  • Check the "Recommendations for Your Major" section below to see if you need to have this General and/or Deferred credit further evaluated.
  • For further credit evaluation, contact the appropriate Transfer Credit Coordinator (view a list of coordinators online at Please provide the following materials whether you are sending a fax, mailing information, or meeting with a Transfer Credit Coordinator:
    1. A copy of your Transfer Credit Report
    2. A copy of your transcript
    3. A course syllabus and/or other information that is sufficient to determine the content and level of the course, such as a copy of the title page and table of contents from the text book(s) used in the course with the chapters that you covered clearly marked.
    4. General, Special or Deferred credits in subject areas not specified in the "Recommendations for Your Major" section usually do not need to be evaluated prior to orientation. Your advisor may be able to apply these courses to your degree requirements. At your orientation program, you can talk with an academic advisor about the need to further evaluate additional courses.

Recommendations for your major

If your intended major is in one of the following colleges or schools, we recommend you seek further evaluation of any General or Deferred credit in the subjects indicated before your orientation session.

Knowlton School of Architecture

College of Arts and Sciences
(Humanities, Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Social and Behavioral
Sciences, and School of Communication)

The college office will apply your General and Special credit to a Degree Audit Report, which you will receive before orientation.

Math and Science Majors*
Math and science courses

Fisher College of Business*
Computer Science and Engineering

College of Engineering*
Computer Science and Engineering
Engineering Graphics
Introductory engineering courses
Mechanical Engineering

Programs that require evaluation of courses prior to orientation.

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

College of Education and Human Ecology

Computer and Science and Engineering

School of Environment and Natural Resources


School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

All other programs not listed

Science courses

Description of transfer credit types

If the Transfer Credit Evaluator could not identify exact Ohio State course equivalents for your previous college course work, you will find some or all of the following designations.

G000.xx: General credit is awarded when there may be an equivalent course at Ohio State, but the Transfer Credit Evaluator could not make that determination.

S000.xx: Special credit is awarded when there is no specific course equivalent at Ohio State.

T000.xx: Technical credit is awarded for technical course work that is acceptable as undergraduate credit at Ohio State.

Und Tech: Undefined Technical credit is awarded for technical course work that is acceptable as undergraduate credit at Ohio State, but cannot be assigned to an existing Ohio State department.

D000.xx or Unknown: Deferred or Unknown credit is designated when the Transfer Credit Evaluator cannot determine if this course work is acceptable as undergraduate credit. It is not included in the total hours awarded, nor is it added to your Ohio State record until a transfer credit coordinator further evaluates the course(s) to determine whether or not credit can be awarded.

If you have been awarded any of the above types of credit, you can find a list of transfer credit coordinators at

Credits awarded

Whenever possible, you have been awarded exact Ohio State course equivalents.

On your Transfer Credit Report, your courses are listed by course department, equivalent course number or type of credit (general, special, etc.), and hours of credit. If your previous institution was on a different academic calendar than Ohio State, the credit hours are converted accordingly. Semester hours are multiplied by 1.5 to calculate quarter hours, and quarter hours are multiplied by .67 to calculate semester hours.

credit report illustration
  1. Term of course completion. AU04 = Autumn 2004
  2. Ohio State course name and number
    English 110.01 = quarter course
    English 1110.01 = semester course
    English G000.XX = General Credit
    XX = A unique identifying number (01—99) assigned to General, Special, Technical or Deferred credit
  3. Total hours earned for course
  4. K is the Ohio State transfer grade designation. A, B, C or D = grade at previous institution (does not include + or -).
  5. Name or abbreviation of previous institution
  6. Course name and number(s) taken at previous institution equivalent to Ohio State course

If you attended an institution with a non-traditional credit hour system, the maximum number of transfer credit hours that you can expect to receive per year is 48 quarter hours or 32 semester hours.

Key to departmental abbreviations

ACCTMIS Accounting and Management Information Systems
ASL American Sign Language
ANTHROP Anthroplogy
CLAS Classics
EARTHSC Earth Sciences
ENGR Engineering
ISE Industrial and Systems Engineering
LING Linguistics
SOCIOL Sociology

This is a partial listing. A complete list can be found at

Provisional credits

Also listed on your credit evaluation in the section labeled "Provisional Credits" are the courses that were in progress when you applied to Ohio State. Credits listed here will be added to your Ohio State record once we receive your final transcript, showing the courses satisfactorily completed. Remember to have final and official transcripts sent as soon as possible to Undergraduate Admissions. Find instructions for sending transcripts at

Transfer credit planning

Students transferring to Ohio State from a variety of Ohio colleges and universities can check how their incoming credit will transfer to Ohio State using Please note, however, that this credit evaluation is not official until transcripts have been received by Ohio State from your previous institution and is for educational purposes only.

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