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Reserve an Orientation session

Only students who have been sent a mailing from University Orientation with instructions for reserving an orientation session are able to access the online orientation reservation system. Orientation mailings are sent on a rolling basis beginning in March according to the date students pay acceptance fees. The earlier you pay your acceptance fee, the earlier you will receive an orientation packet. Students should follow the instructions in the orientation mailing to reserve their two-day orientation session online.

Orientation dates

Since orientation is organized around academic programs, it is important that you attend a session when advisors from your area of study will be available. Please note, however, that separate programs are planned for students with Honors affiliation and those in Scholars programs that are part of the University Honors and Scholars Center.

Dates for students entering autumn semester (including Honors and Scholars sessions)

You are strongly encouraged to arrange your summer plans so that you are available to attend orientation when your academic area of study is meeting, as this is important to your enrollment at Ohio State. Extenuating circumstances such as military duty, summer study abroad programs, and extreme distances from Columbus are, of course, exceptions to this expectation. If extenuating circumstances make you unable to attend when your academic program is meeting, contact University Orientation at 614-292-4161 or

Honors and Scholars Programs

Honors programs:

If you have received University Honors affiliation, you will attend an Honors orientation for your academic program. However, if you cannot attend an Honors session for your academic program, contact University Orientation at 614-292-4161.

Scholars programs:

If you have been accepted into one of the seventeen Scholars programs, you may be offered an orientation date that combines your academic area and Scholars information. If you cannot attend one of the sessions offered for your academic program, contact University Orientation at 614-292-4161.

For more information about the Honors and Scholars programs, visit

Changing your Orientation date

Once you have reserved a session online, you will not be able to change your session online. To make any changes, contact University Orientation at 614-292-4161 or While we try to accommodate session-change requests, re-assignments are usually for dates later than the original and are made on a space-available basis. If you are unable to attend any of the dates available for your academic program, call University Orientation to discuss alternate arrangements.

Requesting disability services

Most of the academic accommodations and services available to students during the academic year through the Office for Disability Services (ODS) are also available to you during orientation. Students with disabilities can receive support services that include test-taking assistance and adaptive transportation. Disability documentation must be presented to ODS for determination of eligibility prior to your orientation session. If arrangements are made in advance, ODS will help ascertain needs and arrange appropriate services during orientation for students. Arrangements for family members are also available. We cannot guarantee that services will be available at orientation if arrangements are not made in advance of the program. Request disability accommodations here.


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